Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tutorial Mekap Ulzzang Pony

Here are the tutorials:



1. Follow your face line from the bottom of your ear to your chin and put in a natural shading. This is the most important part of making a small face.
2. In the C area, shade in a way that caresses around the eye.
3. 3 stars! When you are sporting a hairstyle that reveals your forehead, put a natural shade from where your hair starts to make your face look smaller.
4. Er� something about water base makeup.. or not lol I�m not sure. It says to put highlight in that area though.
5. Highlight the t-zone area to create a certain effect for your face. I don�t know what it says but I�m sure its something good lol


Delicate Caramel

Pink Sparkle

Love Paradise

Golden Cat

Futural Twiggy

Brown Smoky


Natural Skin


Hai kengkawan, 

I cakap awal-awal ye..i did not own this.I cuma copy paste dari blog korea jer.Ini teknik mekap yang super cute dan i memang super like.